Peachtree software is the ultimate software for managing accounting business needs, Peachtree accounting software by Sage Software provides all the features you need. Whether starting your own accounting company or using accounting software to manage other types of small businesses, Peachtree has the flexibility needed to integrate it for all types of usage. For help with using this software, you can see it through SAGE 50 Support.
Here are the main benefits of using Peachtree software.
Peachtree software is available in several versions to meet the demands of any company. Peachtree Pro is the most basic edition, with great features for small businesses that have been cut and dry bookkeeping needs. Peachtree Complete adds job costs, in-depth inventory features, timing and billing and analytics tools along with multi-user options to increase productivity. Peachtree Premium has premium features such as advanced budgeting, multi-enterprise consolidation, multi-user options, screen-level access control, and Crystal Reports (R). Quantum Peachtree can support many users and has advanced tracking settings as well as security features. It has all the features like Peachtree Premium Accounting with support and upgrades.
Advantages of Using Peachtree Accounting Software
1. Peachtree Accounting has been in production since the early days of computing, as its original owner founded Peachtree Software in 1978. Since then, Peachtree has steadily improved its software into one of the most comprehensive business accounting programs on the market. Acquired in 1998 by Sage Software, the program features many interesting features that could be an asset to most businesses.
2. One of the biggest advantages of using Peachtree software is its age. The original program was written in 1978 and has survived more than three decades. The endurance of the software displays not only its usefulness, but also the business of trust has been placed in it for years.
3. In its 2010 version, Peachtree Accounting integrates analytical software into its features. With this feature, you will be able to compare your company’s gross income, gross margins and sales with competitors, see how your company ranks within your industry and financial trends that are relevant to your business practices. You can get help using Sage 50 Hosting.
4. Peachtree Accounting allows you to open accounts for different companies with the same username. In other words, if you run more than one business, you will be able to view the financial information of each company and manage all accounts from the same screen. While this seems like a simple feature, most other business accounting programs force you to have completely separate accounts and will not allow you to have them open at the same time.
5. Peachtree Accounting is bundled with Peachtree Automatic Backup Program. With this program, you do not have to worry about setting up backups every night. You configure the backup program after installation and will regularly store all your data for you. You can backup to an off-site server or on-site external hard drive. Backups are important because your company’s financial information is, arguably, the most important information to have in case of a fire or system failure. If you are experiencing problems or obstacles in the operation, you can get help through the Sage Tech Support Phone Number.
With automatic backup feature, not only your financial information is safe, but also save your client list, complete transaction history and employee management file.

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